Manpower Traning Project for Microbial-Based Vaccine

PCMO is promoting Manpower Traning Project utilizing our global-level GMP manufacturing facilities.
Experienced professionals in Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Control, and R&D are developing curricula
and providing theoretical instruction & hands-on training.
In order to create an optimal learning environment
we are in the process of building Education and Residence Hall with necessary equipment.

Service Scope

Customized training programs tailored to corporate needs

Collaborative education programs with academic institutions

Short-term to long-term internship programs (cultivation, purification, validation, quality testing, utility management, etc.)

Customized training programs by process (microbial cultivation process, purification process, etc.)

Internship programs utilizing global-level GMP facilities and systems.

이화학 시험 이미지

Education and Residence Hall Building Process

  • 2023 4th quarterCommencement of construction
  • 2025 2nd quarterCompletion of construction
  • 2025 3nd quarterCompletion of the setup of facilities