Support for mRNA Vaccine Development

PCMO is equipped with a production line to support the development of mRNA vaccines
to prepare for next pandemic and assist companies.
We have facilities for mRNA synthesis and modification, as well as LNP manufacturing
in conjunction with existing GMP facilities.
Also, We are establishing a system for the production of pre-filled syringe line in addition to Fill&Finish suite.

Service Scope

Preparation of Plasmid DNA (pDNA) based on microbial DNA

mRNA synthesis and LNP manufacturing

Fill&Finish suite (vial, pre-filled syringe line)

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mRNA Vaccine Manufacturing Facility Construction Process

  • 2022 2nd quarterCompletion of concept design
  • 2023 4th quarterCommencement of construction
  • 2025 2nd quarterCompletion of construction, facility Commissioning & Qualification